360° Information Technology Consultancy


We are among the leading IT consulting firms with our team of dynamic IT specialists and our satisfied clients. Our IT strategies have brought a remarkable digital and technological transformation in numerous companies. We have retained unique values by following the latest trends which suit a specific business because we believe that every organization is different. Even in one organization the strategy that worked once might not work the second time, so we keep challenging ourselves to bring more innovation for each of our new projects.

How We Innovate

Our IT Consultants are clear about the basic structure and that what needs to be done to scale up the processes. So depending upon the stage of organization in the technology sector or the difficulties they face from our consultants, we provide end-to-end IT solutions to mark success. Each of our employees is given the confidence to work in a team and to manage the complexities of the project. No matter the kind of technological error there is occurring, we pride in responding quickly and responsibly. If you are planning to expand the business domains of the company, we provide the essential support in identifying roadmap that can help you in getting a faster Return on Investment (ROI).

The Basics We Follow

We analyze the current software services and identify the loopholes or areas of improvement. At the macro level, we find the problem by understanding the changing organization’s needs with an existing solution. The micro-level is the more technical level where the experience of users is closely monitored through feedback. Rex D’s team devises a strategy that de-clutters the existing software infrastructure while the latest technologies are tested to check relevance to the efficient achievement of each KPIs. After the necessary changes and keeping our client well informed at every stage, future improvements are recommended for better implementation in the long-run.

Personalized Solution

We help your business function well by providing a solution to your needs. The unstructured data can be channelized and distributed through our automation, digitalization, strategize, and data management expertise. We pledge to revamp your current Customer Relationship Management systems by synchronizing it with your business model, so the access to your customers gets easy for the sales team. We assist your sales module to operate providing ease of communication. The Data Analytics System helps in having a panoramic view of overall business performance including the intra-organization progress in terms of financials, sales, and profits.

We can help in the implementation of digital technological architectures and are proficient in Business Intelligence tools. Our staff is ready to provide customized IT consulting solutions that best fit your needs.