Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management is a strategic approach to managing the people in the company, because of which multiple operations run in an organization. We at rex D understand this to the core and can provide a management solution that helps you perform everyday functions of human resources. From the human resource planning to strategic implementation and management, everything is taken care of with high priority and research.

A System to Cater Every Aspect of HR

We can design an HR System that is beneficial for backend and frontend operations. So, whether you are looking for administration, personnel tracking, and payroll or want support in recruitment, talent management, and learning management systems; we have a perfect solution for all. With the smooth transition from one function to another and synchronization of all data in a way that facilitates each task; every employee has the desired level of information available which is needed to keep operations transparent.

In-depth Understanding of Operations

Our HR Software gives you command on HR operations. A centralized database is maintained where a record of all employees is available to be viewed according to designation and authorities. A manager can see the data of their team and the team can view their data on the organizational level. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a master record where personal information, employment history, job profiles, hierarchy, designation, promotion, and other information are mentioned.

We work with you to create human resource digital practices and models which are user friendly. This is ensured through continuous testing and quality assurance as we make sure that it is a flawless process. The system is made to keep HR and all other employees in mind.

Customized Solution that is Just for Your Business

We analyze the number of employees and stakeholders that need access to HR software. Here we get a basic understanding from the HR department and take feedback from all employees with the consent of the client. We keep the core and strategic functions in mind, so when the expansion of a software solution is needed, it can be done in a hassle-free way. The recruitment process is crystal clear, the identification of talent for a particular position gets easy through talent management and the knowledge of business multiplies through the Learning Management System. As the recruitment, talent management and learning management differs from organization to organization, so we make sure that we are on the same page as our client.

Knowing the minute details and using our technical expertise, we give a solution that guarantees 100% satisfaction in terms of human resource systems.