Enterprise Resource Management


With the changing dynamics of enterprises, data and resources are managed on different layers to efficiently carry out activities. Our Enterprise Resource Management software is developed in a way that satisfies diverse business needs. We understand that each user in a company needs a different magnitude of resource access to work efficiently. Our software helps in giving a bird’s eye view of the system and resources utilized by each user, helping strategic optimization.

Life-Cycle of Real-Time Resource Management

You can consult us at any stage of your enterprise resource management system. At rex D, we introduce new enterprise resource management systems, improve your existing one or completely revamp into something new. Starting with the project proposal where we take the requirements from our clients and come up with a time-specific solution. We design the resource software architecture; the infrastructure of application, interface design, and database look, and layout.

The basic coding and testing take place in the development phase, where we review the requirements of the client on a parallel level. Deployment is carried out online or on cloud and credentials are shared with customers for a dry run. Finally, testing and quality assurance are carried out in a real-time environment while addressing real-time issues as it happens.

Easy to Handle Software Module

Several modules work together to build up solutions that best achieve the business goals. It is made to facilitate end-users to get the desired output on single-point entry. This helps the user in working on their core job functions with due diligence as other things remain smooth. Every department has the required level of access to people, processes, and technology which helps the higher management to evaluate departmental performances with ease, pinpointing the areas of improvement. Even adding modules in our designed version of Enterprise Resource Management software is easy as without bringing in many changes in existing modules new ones can be added.

Business Process Synchronization

All the business processes are synchronized to create a secure centralized data repository through a defined value-chain. The interdependent departments of business have transparency in terms of data sharing and resource optimization, so even non-traditional cross-functional work gets easy. This helps in managing the changing demands of business supporting tactical and strategic levels.

Hence, Enterprise Resource Management can help you create your edge by supporting innovation and growth of core functionality as the IT-related issues are taken care of already.