Customer Relationship Management


Many businesses fail due to improper Customer Relationship Management. With changing times and automation, the customer demands are being satisfied at a whole new level. It has increased the bench-mark of customer expectations for every product and service. We at rex-D understand the responsibility of developing CRM software for our clients and with our support team, work to provide the best solution to you. A system that makes bonding with customers strong is the mission we want to achieve on behalf of our clients.

Data Consolidation for Better Communication

Having a centralized customer database is required for smooth communication. Our CRM software helps in consolidating customer data so team members have complete access to customer history, communication history, and contact information, so whether it is about pitching a new product or selling an existing one, the team has complete command on the way forward.

Simplifying the Ability to Sell

We work on providing the best CRM solution by automating processes that can be efficiently managed without human touch. This enables the marketing and sales team to focus on the analysis of information and sharpening skills for achieving their objective. The sales cycle reduces that helps in closing deals fast and efficiently. While managing several deals, sometimes make it hard to efficiently closing a deal or missing out potential sales opportunities, so our CRM software brings ease of navigation through data. The lead generation process trims down giving greater opportunities to identify better leads.

Tailored CRM Tools

There are some ready-made CRM tools available for use, but the customization, according to your business need, is missing in most cases. Many companies want a solution that is tailored to their business requirement. We can help you tailor a tool to your requirements with our technical expertise and can even develop a tool from scratch. We start with understanding the need of our clients and ends at providing a tool that guarantees satisfaction.

Marketing To Meet Customer Expectation

Marketing helps in attracting leads and giving a feel of customer satisfaction to existing ones. Our custom solution helps the marketing team in analyzing the patterns. Customized Marketing Campaigns are made by analyzing demographics, online behavior, and purchase patterns nurturing the leads, supporting up-selling and cross-selling for the sales team.

Best CRM Makes Happy Customer Who Gives Healthy Business in Return