Never Look
Back with Our

We let you discover the unthought-of opportunities as your business operations run smoothly and your customers are satisfied because of rex D’s modernized solutions offered. We know what it takes to achieve growth for you.

We Help Your Employee Be Productive

Managing productive employees is a tricky job as every resource brings its own set of skills so, administrating them is a challenge. We at rex D help you keep a track record of almost everything and everyone involved in your company. Our software can be accessed with a mobile phone, making accessibility for employees and the management easy. We have a system fully integrated into your business operations, so every detail is fully recorded and can be tracked.

The Fast
Payroll Solution

Finances require a lot of technical knowledge from the balance sheet to the income statement, managing everything to calculate the percentage of profit to be shared. Manual and few automated software take time to come on board. As time is a valuable resource so, you don’t have to wait any longer as when you outsource the money or do transactions, we prepare a payroll solution that is a click away to management. We can provide you with consultancy to find loopholes or make a new one from scratch as your business might need.

Make Auction
Products Visible

We have managed the complicated tasks of making auction products visible for our clients. Our auctions service even lets you bid for products in real-time and have complete auction house experience on all your devices. You can check the bid status, condition report, and inventory management on the go. We have the best in-house team of experts that manages everything on international parameters, while you don’t lose your individuality.

Easy Live Chat

It is the interface that helps build meaningful connections without much effort. We have timeless software that helps you engage with clients and produce high response rates that are made possible because of our smooth data flow. We understand that software collapse once when traffic is high, moreover, queries need urgent responses because of infrastructure weakness. So we build a stress-free and uninterrupted solution.

Transport App

Whether you want to launch a transport solution for your internal resources or your customers, we can develop an app based on your preferences through which your people can book and ride without hassle. We make sure to integrate an advanced tracker and booking system that works in better flow, making every transportation experience for anyone a relaxing one. We have a separate interface to manage the design that reflects your brand better, yet the core of transportation is effectively managed by driver and riders’ end.

Product Inspection
Status On The Go

We help to make the inspection of every product easy so that you forget the conventional ways of doing business. The paper-free process is crisp and clear, so no ambiguity in the process is left. The inspection data generation, report making, sharing are done securely. The interface is user-friendly no matter you use it through our mobile app or website.

We build solutions that are a success story in themselves, so try us for 100% satisfaction guaranteed.