Privacy Policy



This Privacy Policy is present to determine the way in which rex D takes, stores or uses user information from every user on the website. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the website and all the services offered by rex D.

Personal Information

rex D might collect personal information from users in a number of ways when they visit our website. These ways can be by filling out a form on our website or providing information when opting for a service that we’re offering. Our users can be asked for information like their name, email address, phone number, job type. Users can visit our website anonymously as well. All the information collected from the users is only done if they voluntarily fill in and submit the information themselves. Our users always have the option of refusing to provide personal information but that might prevent them from getting engagement in certain areas and activities on our website.

Non-personal Information

rex D also might collect information that is non-personal in some cases, when users interact with our website. Non-personal information can include their IP address, their browser or any other technical information related to the user’s connection with our website.

Why We Collect This Information

rex D can collect and use the two types of information above, for the following reasons:

  • To enhance our customer database and provide our customers better experiences and services.
  • To make the website experience more personal for our users according to their submitted information.
  • To make improvements to our website through the feedback that our users provide.
  • To send out emails for email marketing, promotions, order details and to reply to any user queries or support requests.
  • To use the collected data for analytical reasons and to calculate the site traffic and other similar statistics.
  • To use IP addresses to help in diagnosing problems related to our servers and services.

Protection of Information

All the information that our users put on our website goes through a precise data collection, storage and security process to make sure that it remains safe at all times. Our strong security measures prevent your information from any kind of unauthorized access, alterations, destructions and leaks.

Information Sharing

rex D doesn’t not trade, sell or rent out its users’ information to anyone. In some cases, we may use third party services with certain business operations like sending out emails, etc. and we might share some information with those third parties for the given purpose but that is only done through our users’ permission.