Travel &


The travel and transportation industry faces the challenge of the proper communication management platform. We at rex-D can provide you the service at a pretty competitive price with expertise that you can count on. We serve the multiple dimensions of the industry by supporting on many fronts.

Medical Transportation

We provide support to emergency medical transportation; by our 24/7 call center setup. From information gathering to providing the solution, if you have an ambulance network, you can count on us. With non-emergency medical transportation gaining traction, we can handle queries for them too. So now you can focus on your core function of providing hassle-free safe experience while we manage acquisition, documentation, and delivery of information from the customer to company and vice-versa.

Third-Party Logistics

rex-D does 3PL or third-party logistics smoothly for shipping and logistic companies. We have expertise in supply chain management. Our specialty is managing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for carriers. We make sure that the shipment carrier and consignee are on the same page. We have been working closely with several companies over the years that have enabled us to provide minimal cost maximum advantage at every step. The streamlined processing by proper documentation and on-time dispatched facility gives our clients the confidence to trust us completely. We manage inquiry, respond fast, check claims, acknowledge, and advise both payee and logistics provider for smooth communication on both sides. As we can help you access transportation needs and the best route to follow as a company. We make sure that the consignee and shipment department are on the same page by providing timely accurate information to each of them.

Logistics Consultancy

Years of experience in the industry have made us predict the trends and areas for optimal results. That is the reason we as logistic consultants never fail to impress our clients. We can help you in building the right strategy for supply chain, warehouse design, and operation aside from route planning and network optimization. As every client has a unique need and company philosophy that they do not want to compromise on, so we work closely with them to give our consultancy a tailored touch. We not only trust our instincts but have the right tool, acquired by tough scrutiny, to evaluate the way forward.

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