Health industry has survived through many years, yet the global pandemic of COVID-19 has put additional burden on perfect health service delivery. rex-D has always facilitated its health and wellness center clients by offering outclass BPO services over a long period. We consider the responsibility of being associated with you; and make sure that the solution we provide meets global standards

Medical Record Keeping

As the data needs to be properly input first, starting with patient’s personal information, their medical history and number of treatments done. Each data needs to be sorted in different heads to make sure that proper data management is done for future analysis. Although there is a hefty process of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is both laborious and time consuming for staff that should spend time in playing their part in medical practice. Our staff is trained in manner that it seems like a mini family healthcare facility where polite and professional staff takes data within secure settings. The document indexing helps in making record management easy with greater client satisfaction and process efficiency.

Transactions Status Update

Each transaction goes in their respective heads that can be retrieved on a single click. Our call center staff through their expertise communicates it well to patients. Whether it is explanation of benefits or analysis and reporting of overpayment, our process is flawless. Hence they can also help you in gathering and updating transaction history. As we train our staff, so the accuracy of data is in accordance with ISO standards.

The collection reminders and optimization of medical billing process is our strength that enable in sustaining long-term operations. Coding errors, billing issues and mediating with insurance companies or healthcare providers; we have all taken care of.

Project Delivery Updates

As every process is a project for us, so we keep our clients up to date by reporting everything. This enables client to have ownership of data and suggest areas they need help in. It also keeps us informed about changes within the business practices that are communicated to our service center staff. We understand that our service is more of collaboration for smooth processes, so we keep authorities in loop. While through our service healthcare staff has all the information available to work and serve humanity every day.