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About Satellite Upgrade

Satellite Upgrade is an expert on various operating systems, router technologies, and receiver models. They provide customized plans for customers along with installation. They are well-versed in handling almost all sorts of technologies for customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

The main problem that our client faced was in customer acquisition and lead generation. Although they were investing a lot in their marketing campaigns, the efforts were not materializing much. The leads were mainly immature and not profitable at all. Since the lead generation was not working for them, customer acquisition remained a huge problem for their business.

The Solution

Our goal was to work on lead generation first because that will eventually lead to customer acquisition. We focused on improving their marketing strategies and inbound/outbound sales support to bring more leads than ever. The skilled individuals in our team are experts in identifying leads that are the best for the business and ignoring those that are nothing but a time waste. So, our strategy was to reduce the time wasted on poor leads and focusing on those that had the potential. When we worked on that, the customer acquisition started to improve eventually; however, we did allot a team to work on that aspect as well.

The Outcome

The first outcome that we witnessed was an improvement in sales. The lead generation rapidly improved after only trying our first strategy. The sales doubled up, and we saw a massive spike in customer acquisition as well. We worked on improving customer support and kept in touch with potential leads. We focused on providing value for customer’s money that helped us in gaining their trust. We came up with specific discounts and offered that was irresistible to anyone. The whole strategy worked out for the company and brought significant profits as well. We also improved the service and got feedback from customers’ surveys to make sure they get what they think. Our BPO solution turned out to be pretty great for Satellite Upgrade.

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